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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Asbestos removal is hazardous if not completed by a professional, therefore we recommend using Full Monty Stripping for your asbestos removal needs.

Wall & Floor Tiles

Floor Tile Removal Renovating your home and need information about Floor Tile Removal?

Floor Tile Removal can be a strenuous and difficult job. Tiles can be laid directly onto concrete or a cement board which requires a sledgehammer, chipping hammer or power scraper to remove tiles. The next step requires grinding […]

Vinyl & Timber

Vinyl removal

Vinyl Removal Information!

Vinyl flooring is a popular material used throughout many homes and office spaces because of durability and low cost.  

The technique for Vinyl removal changes depending on the subfloor and how they were bonded together. The vinyl is removed with a heavy duty knife […]

Cork & Carpet

Cork Removal

Removing a cork floor can be quite difficult depending on the material of the subfloor and how the two were bonded together. Adhesive removal from concrete with a floor stripping machine will allow for a smooth and easy installation of new flooring. Full Monty are fully experienced at such floor […]

Slate & Terracotta

Slate Removal Looking at Slate removal?

Are you renovating and need to remove Slate?

Slate Removal is more labour intensive than a basic tile removal process because of the natural stone and brittle texture. Slate Removal uses either a chisel, hammer and pry bar or a blade and jackhammer. Then, […]

Paints, Glue, Etc.

Paint, Glue etc.

Are you looking at removing paint or glue, Full Monty Stripping can help you remove paint and glue using the right tools of the trade.

Kitchen & Bathroom Stripouts

Kitchen Stripouts Are you renovating your kitchen and need a kitchen Stripout in Perth?

A Kitchen Stripout is the removal of all materials including any fixtures and fitting within a kitchen such as benches, cupboards and draws. Kitchen Stripouts are the quickest and easiest way to remove all excess material, so […]

Concrete Grinding & Sanding

Concrete Grinding Concrete Grinding in Perth!

Concrete grinding will make your concrete floor look clean and smooth whilst levelling out any unevenness caused by previous overlays. Concrete grinders all have some form of abrasive in order to grind or polish the concrete, such as diamond tools.

A diamond grinder has […]

Industrial Dust Extraction Used

Industrial Dust Extraction

Full Monty Stripping is equipped with Industrial Dust Extraction machines to ensure the job is completed with minimal dust especially within your home.