Floor Tile Removal

Renovating your home and need information about Floor Tile Removal?

Floor Tile Removal can be a strenuous and difficult job. Tiles can be laid directly onto concrete or a cement board which requires a sledgehammer, chipping hammer or power scraper to remove tiles. The next step requires grinding or sanding off the subfloor. This step ensures the floor is smooth and ready for the next step in your renovations.

Full Monty Stripping has all the equipment required to complete your floor tile removal requirements.

Brick Walls Removal

Renovating and in need of removing brick walls?

Removing brick walls can be a demanding and hazardous procedure. Full Monty Stripping has all the protective wear required to complete this task safely as well as equipment required for removing brick walls. We can remove a section or the entire brick wall depending on your needs.

If you’re look at removing brick walls Full Monty Stripping can help. We are professionals in this procedure of any size whether for commercial, industrial or residential sites.