Vinyl removal

Vinyl Removal Information!

Vinyl flooring is a popular material used throughout many homes and office spaces because of durability and low cost.  

The technique for Vinyl removal changes depending on the subfloor and how they were bonded together. The vinyl is removed with a heavy duty knife or blade and then lifted from the subfloor. Then, the floor needs to be sanded or soaked in a chemical adhesive remover to remove any excess adhesive.

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*Caution: Some vinyl tiles contain asbestos and need to be removed by a licensed specialist.

Timber floor removal

All you need to know about Timber Floor Removal!

Timber floors can be laid direct, Floating or Nailed to plywood. Timber flooring varies in regards to thickness, type of wood, the glue used and the width of the timber. For optimum results, hire a professional because all these elements play a role in the different methods used for Timber floor removal. Below is information on how to remove direct, floating and nailed to plywood timber flooring.

Direct: is when the timber is directly glued to the concrete. The Timber Floor Removal process involves either using a chisel and hammer or a blade and jackhammer to separate both materials. Then to remove the adhesive off the concrete you can apply a solvent or use a heavy duty grinder.

Floating: is when the timber is not bonded to the subfloor and is usually easier to remove than direct or nailed to plywood. You can either remove the floating floor with a pry bar or using a blade to cut through the Timber Floor.

Nailed to plywood: is when there is an underlay made from plywood which is nailed to the subfloor. Timber Floor Removal for nailed to plywood can be completed by either using a crowbar, chisel and hammer or a blade to lift up sections of the floor. After the lifting the removal of glue or nails needs to be completed in order to leave the floor smooth and ready for a new installation.  

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