Slate Removal

Looking at Slate removal?

Are you renovating and need to remove Slate?

Slate Removal is more labour intensive than a basic tile removal process because of the natural stone and brittle texture. Slate Removal uses either a chisel, hammer and pry bar or a blade and jackhammer. Then, the floor will need to be sanded or cleaned with a floor stripping machine to ensure the subfloor is smooth and has no excess residue.

Slate Removal is a technical procedure that should only be performed by specialists. Full Monty Stripping are your specialists in Slate Removal.

Terracotta removal

Terracotta Removal Techniques!

Terracotta is a great material to use when creating an earthy theme within your home.

If you’re looking at renovating and you need terracotta removed, consider hiring a professional. Terracotta removal can be strenuous and time consuming and should not be attempted by the fainthearted.

The terracotta tiles will need to be removed with an electric drill/hammer and a chisel or a blade. These tools will separate the tiles from the subfloor. Then, the floor will need to be ground down or sanded to a smooth finish.

Full Monty Stripping have all the tools needed to perform this task quickly and efficiently, and safely.