Kitchen Stripouts

Are you renovating your kitchen and need a kitchen Stripout in Perth?

A Kitchen Stripout is the removal of all materials including any fixtures and fitting within a kitchen such as benches, cupboards and draws. Kitchen Stripouts are the quickest and easiest way to remove all excess material, so you can start your renovation with a cleared room.

Full Monty Stripping specialise in kitchen Stripouts and will be able to complete them promptly and efficiently. Our team of specialists will remove a wide range of materials including the kitchen sink.

Bathroom Stripouts

Requiring a Bathroom Stripout?

Is your bathroom in need of renovating? Then you will need to start with completing a bathroom stripout. A bathroom stripout involves clearing the entire bathroom of all materials including cupboards, sinks, shower and any other fittings or fixtures within the bathroom.

Bathroom stripouts can be difficult when doing them yourself. Hiring a professional will complete the task quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have the added stress!  

Full Monty Stripping specialises in bathroom stripouts. We are based in Perth and can work on any industrial, commercial or residential site within the region.